10 Common teeth problems



More or less all adults suffer from dental problems. But children can be victims as well. Though it’s a bad news that majority of people go through dental problems but there lies good news as well. Teeth problems or otherwise, oral problems can be easily prevented through medicines or brush teeth regularly and changing food habits.

1. Cracked tooth

A cracked tooth may cause a very agonizing toothache. You can guess from the term crack is broken. So to avoid crack tooth problems follow the below advice:-Avoid cold or hot foods and beverages. As the dentin layer of the tooth is being exposed by the crack tooth, any temperature extremes may cause pain.

-Prevent foods and beverages that are very high in sugar, or are very acidic.

-Use a pain relief medicine.
A pain relief medication is intended to reduce inflammation. It works best for dental pain because most pains in the tooth are caused by an inflammation of the tissues or the inflammation of the nerve.

2. Gum problems

Gum problems can add to your teeth problems as well. This gum conundrum is a bacterial infection caused by plaque that attacks the gums and ligaments.
People with poor oral health, those with a systemic disease, for example as diabetes, which lowers resistance to infection and smokers, are more likely to suffer from gum problems. Women during their pregnancy can be a victim of gum problem as well. To get rid of gum problem you must visit a dentist and it becomes more important to visit the dentist if your gum is bleeding. Don’t forget to brush your teeth regularly and floss them as well. For gum problems, you must take good oral health care.

3. Chipped tooth

chipped toothAbove all, the sickest feeling you get is from a broken tooth or say otherwise, chipped tooth. Once my uncle was eating dates on Ramadan with the family. He realized there were two seeds of the date instead of only one. He was surprised and when he threw it off he saw the seed of the date and his chipped tooth. It was an embarrassing moment for him as he was surrounded by family and relatives. On other websites, there are many elaborated information on how to take care when one of your teeth is broken. But according to me, visiting the dentist immediately can solve your problem as because the dentist will understand what actually caused the tooth to be broken. It is best to solve your teeth problems as well as take care of your oral health as soon as possible.

4. Toothache

When you are going through toothache, make an appointment with your dentist. To visit your dentist it might take a long time as he or she already has a list of patients waiting for him. In the meantime you can use a technique to help you to temporarily relieve you from your teeth problems. Rinse your mouth with warm. You may also floss to remove any food debris left inside your caught or caught between your teeth. Besides, taking a pain killer can also help you to escape from your teeth problems for a while.

5. Stained teeth

Tobacco, foods, trauma and few kinds of foods can make your teeth look discolored and less attractive. According to many dentists, you have three options to whiten them. Atfirst, your dentist can use a whitening agent substance. The second one is you can bleach your teeth at home to solve your teeth problems. To do this, you can use a plastic trayand gel from your family dentist.And finally, the last one is you can choose whitening toothpaste that will assistyou to removesurface stains.
Stained teeth can make a beautiful smile look unattractive. Speaking generally, tooth stains are caused by many factors including not brushing and flossing. Even your teeth can be stained if you forget to see your dentist on a regular basis. Stained teeth is a teeth problem caused by drinking coffee or tea, wine, eating berries, soy sauce. Other bad habits like smoking or chewing tobacco can also give raise to stain teeth. To avoid stained teeth you must take care of your oral health.

6. impacted teeth

Impacted teeth or otherwise can call wisdom teeth are third molars at the back of the mouth that don’t have enough space to grow normally. Impacted teeth can result in severe pain, damage to other teeth and also cause teeth problems or otherwise dental problems. One thing about impacted teeth are that they are hard to clean. This can cause the impacted teeth to more vulnerable to tooth decay and gum diseases. Pain killers, gurgling with salty water can reduce the amount of pain temporarily. But if you experience severe pain then I recommend you to visit a specialist.


Cavities mean a decayed part of a tooth. Therefore, the little or say big holes inside your teeth does not bring any further good news to you. These holes are due to plaques. Plaques are sticky bacteria which build up on your teeth. Afterwards, gradually they destroy the enamel, which is the hard outer shell. To nip in the bud, you can brush your teeth at least twice a day with toothpastes that contains fluoride. Besides, you can limit the amount of snack intake and try to floss daily. These two things are vital for maintaining oral health.

8. Sensitive to Cold

Everyone likes to taste ice-cream. But for some people the chilled ice-cream might make them grimace when the gelid hits their teeth. Initially you can find the cause of the problem. These grimace might happen due to cavities, gum diseases, fractured teeth etc. Ice cream should taste good, not make you wince when the cold hits your teeth. At first your dentist needs to identify the problem and take necessary steps like filling, treating your gums to replace tissue lost at the root or do a root canal.

9. Too Many Teeth: Hyperdontia

Some of the people have extra teeth which are called Hyperdontia. People who have Hyperdontia have Gardner’s Syndrome.

10. Gap Between Teeth

A gap between teeth falls under one of the teeth problems because this might make your smile look unattractive.Cosmetic solutions like veneers or bonding are a solution to this kind of teeth problems.







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