10 Reasons Why You Should Drink More Water


Benefits of Drinking Water

There is a proverb saying, water is another name for life. Necessary water can solve almost every problem and repair every damage. According to anatomy, 70% of the human body contains water. So, water is one of the basic element of our body. Let’s see some health benefits of drinking Water.

    1. Water keeps the body hydrated. It supplies hydration to the everybody cells and helps them to work individually (respiration, cell division, different body functions) The more hydrated will are, the more active we will be.
    2. Our body muscles are made of tissues, tissues are made of body cells. Water makes our body cells healthy and strong. As a result, tissues and muscles remain strong and healthy. Consuming more water also give energy to our muscles.
    3. Water helps to increase all our physical activities. Our body needs some specific level of temperature. Water can control the specific body temperature. During summer it absorbs the extra heat from our body. During winter, it increases the blood circulation and increases body temperature.
  1. Water boost our energy level and make our brain work faster. Our brain response faster if the fluid rate is sufficient. Several statistics show that our brain loses a large amount of fluid after any brain activity i.e. study concentration, memorizing lessons. The statistics also show that we can serve better result after consuming water. On the other hand, which were in the dehydrated state, appeared to be more anxious, fidgeting and less attentive.
  2. Water has a strong influence on our digestive system. It helps to process food faster and digest it. Our digestive system cannot absorb solid food. It is needed to be broken into small particles and slippery. Water helps to make solid foods slippery and easy to digest.
  3. Water may relieve constipation. It can increase fluidity in our stool and maintain normal bowel function.
  4. Water keeps our skin and hair moisturized and fresh. Body cells need sufficient amount of water to maintain the hydration level. Water keep body cell empathic and hydrating. It also helps to reduce skin problem by purifying the blood. Water removes dullness and brings the natural glow of skin and hair.
  5. Water may help on kidney problems. Formation of any stone can be stopped by drinking more water. On the other hand, drinking less water increases the possibility of kidney stone.
  6. Drinking more water can help to weight loss. Water can increase the rate of metabolism and energy expenditure. it can control calories too. So, drinking more water can be a way to lose weight.
  7. Water improves our sleeping habit. A dehydrated body cannot have sufficient sleep due to some neurological effects and disrupt cognitive functioning. Specific parts of our brains remain most active during sleep. Since brain functions need more water supply we need to be enough hydrating. Otherwise, our sleep won’t be proper and healthy.
There are plenty benefits of drinking water. But the question is, how can we drink more water?
These tips may help you:
  1. Try to drink lots of water after waking up. After a long sleep, our body system remains most active and every system of our body needs water. You can make a morning routine where “drinking a liter of water” will be a to-do option beside brushing and freshening up.
  2. Try to set a drinking goal. You cannot start drinking the unusual amount of water suddenly. Increase the consuming level gradually. For example: start drinking 2 glasses of water every morning. Then add one glass per week.
  3. Try to add some beverages to your meal. Like tea, coffee, soft drinks or any homemade drinks (except alcohol). Those are fluid and effective.
  4. Always keep a water carrier with you and place it nearest to your eyesight. Make it time oriented. For example, draw a color line and write the time you should drink that amount of water. It will remind you to consume water during busy working hours.
  5. Keep your water carrier, water filtering machine clean. Dirty water is not pleasant to drink. Make it a routine to clean these stuff regularly.
  6. You can mark your water carrier with some colors to set the consuming goal and synchronize with your phone. There are some android applications also to remind you to drink water on time. Take a sip after every reminder your phone gives you.
  7. You can add some flavor to your water. Don’t buy the artificial ones. Try something of your own. You can simply squeeze a lemon into your glass. Avoid sugar.
  8. Drink water after every bathroom break. Make this two activity one process.
  9. Develop the habit to order plain water instead of soda or sugar-based drinks. It will improve the habit of drinking water and you will learn to avoid soft drinks. Soft drinks and cola contain some specific sugar which makes our appetizer addicted to it. The more we take it, the more our urge insist us.
  10. Eating watery food is another way to keep our body hydrated. Fruits, vegetables, soup, milk drinks keep you hydrated as well.



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