14 Health benefits of tomato


Health benefits of tomato:

Like apple, it is also being said, “tomato a day keeps the doctor away”. It is believed that the birth of tomato is from South America. People argue about the fact that is tomato a fruit or a vegetable? As we are not more concerned about its health benefits than in which category it falls, we will omit the portion. We all are aware that tomato is packed with vitamins and nutrients. So in this article, we will explore more into details that how a tomato can is beneficial.

1. Those who want to increase their weight can have a whole ripen tomato regularly. You can be certain to see the result in a few days.

2. People who have a sallow or paly face and are suffering from an anemic type of disease, they must have one ripen tomato almost every day. Gradually the prosperity in their face will increase and the number of haematin, corpuscle and leucocyte in their blood will rise.

3. The juice of tomato is  essential for nutrition in our body. The taste of the juice is very appealing and is good for digestion. A tomato has the same nutrition that consists of orange or lemon.

4. Tomato juice can increase our appetite and increases peristalsis for the bowel movement.

5. Tomato has antioxidants in it that can cure old diseases as well as jaundice.

6. It can also give you relive from constipation.

7. Tomato is beneficial in removing the extra fat stored inside our stomach. Eating to tomato will help you to get rid of that extra obeseness from the stomach and basically will clean your stomach. You can then gradually achieve a flat belly.

8. From ancient times, it has been said consuming tomato brings satisfaction in your heart.

9. You can slice some pieces of tomato and add ginger powder or salt into it and then consume it. It will help you to no longer have that feeling of nausea.

10. Eating tomato can make you feel full for a long period of time.

11. Drink half cup of tomato juice about three times every day. It will help you to stop bleeding from your nose. Besides it will also help to tighten the gums so that when you brush your teeth, your gums don’t bleed. So whoever is afraid of brushing can now go and clean your teeth every day without seeing any trace of blood.

12. Consuming tomato or its juices reduce night blindness and helps to give you a clear vision.

13. Some people have that itching sensation or whatever you term as. If feel that some parts of your body are itching and you scratch it until it becomes red. To avoid this itching problem, what you can do is make a mixture of tomato juice with coconut oil. Make sure both the elements are mixed well. Then you can go ahead and apply this mixture on your whole body. After a while, you can talk a shower but make sure the water is warm but not too hot.

14. Instead of lemon, you can also use tomato juice and coconut oil together and message it onto your hair. This helps you to get rid of dandruff easily and quickly.
Tomato has many other benefits besides all this. So hurry up and follow the tips to get healthier skin, body and mind.


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