6 Best foods for thicker hair and stronger nails


A healthy, thicker and shiny hair attracts attention more than anything else. People are in search of hair treatments to make their hair thicker. But in the mean time, they forget the fact that food plays a significant role in keeping hair thicker. Instead of trying various hair treatments or wasting money on expensive hair cream products, here are some hair growing tips, as well as lists of some foods you can try to keep your hair thicker and healthier.

1. Fish

Fishes such as salmon and mackerel contain protein, iron, vitamin B12 and fatty acids, such as omega 3 are note-worthy for treating hair loss and giving you thicker hair. They are effective in maintaining healthy scalp and hair shaft. Devouring salmon also solves the problem of dry and fizzy hair by hydrating the scalp and hair. Iron is deposited in your hair follicles. If the body is run down of iron, the reserves of iron in hair follicles are used by other cells afterwards.


Walnuts, almonds, pecans, and cashews are enriched with zinc. Zinc is an important mineral to inactive hair loss and thinning. Therefore, hair becomes thicker. Besides nuts contains protein, beta-carotene, and vitamin c which contributes to making hair stronger and thicker. Selenium, which is found in nuts, is vital for not only healthy scalp but getting rid of dandruff. Nuts also help to grow hair longer.


This astonishing super food must be part of your daily life. These legumes are rich in proteins, contains plentiful of zinc and iron which is important for thicker and shiny hair. These nutrients of beans safeguard your hair especially in cold months when they get fizzy and dry. Beans also consist of biotin, an important B vitamin that can develop the hairs strength hostile to breakages.

4. Carrots

Besides being good for eyes, carrots are also proficient in keeping the scalp and hair healthy. Carrots are copious in vitamin A which produces the healthy oily chemical in a scalp, called sebum. Sebum shield the hair by preventing it from becoming dry or dirty.Better known for their role in keeping your eyes and vision healthy, carrots also help with a healthy head of hair.

5. Eggs

We are aware of the fact that hair is made out of protein and hence it is imperative to consume more protein rich diet to make our hair thicker. Eggs have a high level of biotin and vitamin B12. The egg is a wealthy source of protein which is the significant component to build each hair strand and provide strength to your hair.

6. Dark green vegetables

Dark leafy greens, for example, spinach and broccoli, contain vitamins, minerals, potassium, iron, omega fatty acids and calcium which are essential nutrients for the hair. Dark green vegetables contribute more than other foods for thicker hair.

Besides Beautiful Hair, All Women Also Want Strong Nails

Nails that don’t break off easily. Long nails suit any women. So to keep nails healthy and stronger here are some food items you can try and see the results in few weeks.

If your nails are fragile or flaking, comprehend essential fatty acids in your diet so that nail beds are well moisturized.
Our nails are made out of keratin which on another word is a tough protein. Keratin is a major component to keeping nails hard and strong. Therefore, the body requires high-quality protein like fish, poultry, and lean meat.

Iron deficiency can lead to crisp or dull. To keep your nails stronger, include in your diets iron-rich foods such as eggs, fortified cereals or spinach. Also do not forget to intake vitamin C rich fruits such as citrus fruits, bell peppers or tomatoes.


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