6 Ways to Feel Good About Yourself


Are you trying to say, make me feel good? The video above will tell you some ways which will make you feel good!

According to an eastern tale, a king, who failed to find happiness sought the advice of his courtiers. The experts advised him to wear the shirt of a happy man. So, the king’s men were sent all over the country to fetch a happy man’s shirt. Though the men meet many people who had shirts, none of these people was happy. The story concludes that finally when they managed to find a happy man, it turned out that he had no shirt. The story, of course, is not meant to be taken literally; yet the sagacity it implies is significant.

It is hard to decide how to feel good about yourself, what makes your life a happy one, for we cannot agree on a definition of happiness that is acceptable to all.

So the question remains how to feel good? To answer this, here are some tricks which are generally known by every one of us. But it’s a recap, or say, a reminder to strongly follow 6 Ways to Feel Good About Yourself ways to feel good about yourself the ideas.

1. Keep Going

You comprehend the fact that life does not stop for anyone. Then why will you ever thing it’s the end of your journey and you cannot continue further? There is a famous quote which says no one wants pain because everyone is hungry for happiness. But you cannot have a rainbow, without a little rain. This quote personally inspires me and helps me to move forward. Nothing is permanent in your life. So accept the truth and be brave enough to dismiss the negative thoughts.

2. Trust Yourself

No one loves you more than you can love yourself. In some way everyone may be selfish at some point. So no matter what, even if you are wrong, trust yourself. Trust your sentiments, your notions and motivations. Don’t let other people brainwash your mind. Think carefully before you go into action.

3. Watch Your Thoughts

A smart, rational person will never act before thinking about the situation. Do not be quick-witted. Do not toxic your mind with negative thoughts. Learn to see things in positive perspective. Do not over think about a situation and give yourself a hard time.

4. Learn to Love Yourself

Loving yourself is the greatest favor you can do to yourself. No one will love you as much as you love yourself. Sometimes try to be self-centered if you can to live in this world. Life does not come out with an instruction so enjoy your life at every bit. Do not hurt yourself for other people because still there are some people who loves you, want to see you happy.

5. Don’t Get Insulted

Do not do any kind of work for which you will be insulted in future. Be good to everyone and everyone will be good to you. Just don’t get involved in fights because that can increase your stress level and you will not feel good about yourself at the end of the day.

6. Recognize That Disappointment Is Part of Life

Life cannot always offer you with all of your demands and wishes. You have to learn to deal with disappointments to move forward in your life. If you are keen to take revenge, wait for the right time.
Above I have prescribed some ways how you can feel good. Do you have any other ways for feeling good? Share your tips!


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