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Water is indispensable for our every life. But no one should underestimate the value of water as people in some parts of the world cannot receive pure water for consumption for survival. Therefore, water plays a noteworthy role in the life of living organisms and people should understand the worth of water. By now, my intentions on emphasizing the importance of water are explicit. Additionally, water makes up more than two third of the human body. Therefore, the human brain consists of 95% of water; lungs contain 90% if water and lastly blood which is entirely in the liquid state are made up of 82% of water. It has been said by experts that without food you can continue for several days. On the contrary, without water, you cannot live more than three days. Lack of water would make our body suffer from dehydration. Dehydration is not a good indication for our body as it can give rise to unwanted diseases such as short-term memory, concentrating on anything whether big or small issues, facing problem in solving basic math and so on and on.

Water has infinite solutions for our countless diseases in our body. But whether we are gulp down cold water or warm water really counts. We know how utilitarian it is to drink warm water. But we might not be aware of the advantages of drinking cold water.
Ingesting Cold water is an exceptional way for calorie burn. Yes, when we consume cold water our body is exposed to cold temperature when it is itself in a neutral body temperate like 37 degree Celsius. So basically, it needs to go for calorie burn in order to keep itself water. On the other hand, the rate of metabolism increases up to 50% during this process.
The ideal temperature for our body is 98.6 Fahrenheit or 37 degree Celsius. The body functions work very hard to keep our body at this temperature. The cooler the surrounding or atmosphere is, the more calories are burnt by our body in order to keep it warm.
Drinking cold water can, without any doubt, help you to lose weight. 0.0625 (one ounce) of cold water will burn up to 17.5 calories without any ease. Therefore, you do not even need a treadmill to shed your body fat.
Cold showers are helpful for weight loss. A lowered thermostat can also utilize this same mechanism. If we want to shed some pounds, we can gulp down a glass of cold fruit juice. They can have a great impact on your body. On a hot, shiny day we can enjoy your liquid refreshments by pouring few ice cubes into it. Seriously, no one can stop you from losing weight in this manner.
A small piece of advice is to drink cold water to increase the rate of your metabolism. And you know if your metabolism speeds up, then your body will burn more calories and help you to lose weight. But to not drink and the excess amount of cold water and catch a bad cold. Drink it in a limited amount.
Lastly to conclude with, I want to say, when someone drinks cold water it burns off extra calories than walking for fifteen minutes. Simply, cold water is more than perfect if you are planning to lose weight.
Experts say there are times when it is best to drink cold water and they are:

1. Exercise


When you are performing various exercises, the internal body temperature lifts up. By sweating, our body tries hard to cool down and decrease the additional heated temperature. But on the other hand, sweating causes us to lose enough water and electrolytes from our body. These water and electrolytes need to be compensated as soon as possible. The best solution to this is sipping a bit of cold water whenever you’re filling thirsty. But remember to sip just a little bit. This idea is introduced to rehydrate your body and help it to cool down the heated temperature when you are working out to the fullest. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition conducted a survey to find out the difference between room temperature water and cold water during a workout. The researchers, who were working in that field, has found out the result as below:
Participators who gulp down cold water during the water was able to keep their internal body temperature below 50% comparing to the group of people who had drunk room temperature water during the survey.

2. Fever

When you have a fever and your body has crossed the line of normal temperature, drink plenty of cold water to cool your body and help it to neutralize the extra temperature. In most cases, you have the fever when foreign agents or antigens might be causing harm. Your immune system works hard to use T lymphocyte and B lymphocyte to kill the germ completely. In order to assist them to perform their role function, you must drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated all the time. At times, try to replace room temperature water with a glass of cold water. In many places, when a person is suffering from high fever, their guardian tries to neutralize the body temperature by pouring cold water over the head and massaging it with the hands. Or dip a small towel in a bowl of cold water, then squeeze the water out from the towel before replacing it under the arms or on the forehead. Therefore, use of cold water when you have the fever is important as you can see the benefits it offers apart from drinking it. Cold water, in times of fever, gives you a huge relief and makes you feel refreshed so that you can sleep well and become both fit and healthy. But in this article, we are focusing more on the benefits of drinking water. So a small tip when you have the fever is to squeeze some fresh lemon and add a pinch of sea salt on your glass of cold water. This will help you to compensate the electrolytes that you have lost from your body.


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