How to Remove Makeup


How to Remove Makeup:

All girls use makeup to make them look more attractive than they usually or naturally are. They want to look more or less gorgeous, for whom gold or diamond holds no allure. The halcyon days of a woman are when she has a clear and healthy skin. Moving on, many of the ladies have noticed the poop out of a pimple after doing heavy make-up. So the lesson we can take from here is to clean our face thoroughly enough so that even a tiny bit of residue is not left behind. Here are some quick tips what you can do to remove your make up after coming back to your sweet home.
1. To begin with, we can see many make-up removers in the market. We can purchase them and take a wet tissue or use cotton balls to remove the makeup. If you think you cannot always effort to buy a make-up remover than don’t worry. Everything has a way out. You have a moisturizing crème at your home, don’t you? Or how about baby lotion? Any two of them can work. The first step is to take an adequate amount of moisturizing crème into the palm of your hand and apply it onto your face. Then massage it all over your face for up to ten minutes. If you are bored or if your hands are in agony, you can watch a video or listen to some music while massaging your face.

2. Then the next step is to take a wet tissue and clean the face thoroughly.

3. After that, use the other side of the tissue and add some rose water and again clean your face.

4. Wash your face with a good face wash and do not forget to use cold water.

5. Take a cotton ball and pour some toner onto it. Rub the cotton ball all over your face to make sure all the make ups are removed. Wait till five minutes until the toner completely dries.

6. Use a hot, steaming towel and spread it over your face for five minutes. This will help you to open your pores. When the towel is no longer that hot, you can once again use it to rub your face.

7. This step is optional. If you have time, make a face pack and apply it onto your face. I recommend you to take adequate amount of sandalwood powder or neem (Azadirachta indica) powder and add water to make a paste. Besides, you can use honey or squeeze a few drop of lemon onto it. Let it dry for fifteen minutes. When you take it off remember to massage your face while washing your face.

8. It is very important to exfoliate your face to get rid of dead skin cells. If you didn’t follow step number seven then directly you can jump to this part. Rub the exfoliator in a circular motion all over your face and then neck. Do not go for hard scrubbing.

9. Face your face by splashing water onto it over and over again. After this, the last step is to close the pores. To do this use an ice cube and rub all over your face. It is better to blend cucumber or tomato and put it in an ice cube tray and use it when you are in the process of removing your makeup.

This all are some easy, simple and quick steps a girl can follow to avert from all types of skin problems. To conclude this, I would like to introduce you to an important tip. That is tie ur hair tightly so that it doesn’t come over your face when you are on the mission to completely remove your makeup.


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  1. Oh well, this seems like a lot of job to me. I take off my make up with wet tissue wipes, clean it water and toner, some nights. Some other nights I take it to the next level like stated here, except that I miss some steps.
    Is there any one that religiously follow these?? What re your experiences??

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