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We believe that there are certain times to consume fruits and vegetables. And another part of the day, we should avoid those foods in order to keep us healthy. Many of us don’t drink water after eating fruits, or many of the people avoid eating high-fiber vegetables such as red leaves at night. But are these make-up rules really true? From where did such kind of ideas originated? What the detritions have say,you can learn them all from this article.

Few quick and simple tips:

• Often we eat meals before or after doing exercise. The main idea I would like to introduce to you here is that we go for heavy exercises after or before eating. This is absolutely wrong and instead of keeping our body fit and healthy, we are doing exactly the opposite. Do not perform any kind of exercise before or after having a heavy meal. What you can do is just walk slowly around for some time or wash plates and spoons that have been used while taking your meal.

• Do not go for a heavy lunch. Have a healthy and heavy breakfast in the morning. This is because, after a breakfast, individuals get engaged in their respective works. It is better to have a light lunch. And at night, it is advised to have a moderate amount of dinner, which is not too heavy or not so light. But remember to complete your dinner at least two hours before you go to bed. For people, who are on diets, must walk around for about 30 minutes after completing their lunch or dinner as said by many yoga instructors.

• Do not drink too much water in between your meals. This may not be good for your digestion.
• It is a myth that if we have bruises or any serious kind of injury, we can’t have sour type of foods. And if we have, then the scars will get worse. As I have said earlier, this is not true. Instead, at this time, when you are injured, you need to take more food that is packed with vitamin C to recover well and quickly.

• Many people believe that it is not good to gulp down water right after eating fruits. This is actually true. Because when we eat fruits, it takes time for our body to digest the fruit and absorb the nutrition from it. So to avoid interruption from digestion of the fruits, we should avert drinking water right after eating fruits.

• Do not drink any beverage like tea or coffee after finishing your breakfast. After eating breakfast in an empty, sipping tea might have a very bad impact on your kidney. It is recommended to have tea or coffee after fifteen to twenty minutes following breakfast.

• If we eat prawns, many people think their cholesterol level might increase. For this very reason, the adults also forbid the younger ones, especially their children, not to have shrimps. But most of the children like shrimp more than any other fish. The good news is it is totally harmless for them to eat it and children who don’t like to eat fishes should eat more of it. The shrimp will compensate most of the nutrients which the children could have gained from consuming other kinds of fishes. Elders, whose cholesterol level is normal, shrimp is not a threat to them. Shrimp only calls for a threat to those who cholesterol level is not normal.

•So many people believe that dieting means avoiding fast food and having little in their lunch or dinner. This is not a proper action, I suppose. Heavy meals and fast food contain high amount of carbohydrates (calories). Suppose if you had fast food in the evening, then you can just fill your stomach with a bowl of salad or drink fruit or vegetable juices later in the day. This is because our body requires a lot of time to digest these oily fast foods. Besides, as they contain high amount of calorie, you are advised to enjoy fast food twice in a month.

• Many of us like to lie down after taking a heavy meal. But this is not a proper act. It is better to walk for some time after consuming a heavy meal.

• So many people believe that it not good to eat Vegetables like green leaves or bitter gourd at night. If you think you will sleep after two to three hours and in the meantime if you can walk around or go to an open space and walk for some time, then taking these foods is not a big problem.

• Before going to bed we often take laxative medications. This is actually not good for them who don’t drink plenty of water and their meals lack high fiber. You should try alternative methods to get relief from constipation before taking medicines. Regular intake of laxative tablets may result in bloody urine, softening of bones, Arthritis, rashes etc.

• Relatives of a pregnant woman ask them not to take eggs and this happens mostly in rural areas. Or else, they believe the child may suffer from asthma. They also believe a pregnant woman should not drink coconut water as this will cause the vision of eyes of the child to become blurry. But these all are myths and definitely not true. Instead, when a woman is pregnant, she should eat all kinds of healthy foods. But one thing a pregnant woman should consider is not eating the fruit, pineapple during her pregnancy.

• When a child gets cold, often parents force them to eat bananas. But they fail to understand that there is no link between eating a banana and catching a cold. A child may catch a cold if he or she is more into drinking cold beverages or juices or even not drying their hair properly right after shower.

• When it is too hot, people do not eat eggs. But it’s a ridiculous act as there is no connection between hot weather and egg.

• Long ago, it was said that when a person is suffering from gastric or ulcer problems, drinking a glass of milk can cure their pain. Perhaps, it’s a false statement. Doctors say that when you are suffering from pain due to gastric or ulcer, consuming milk may increase the level of acidity as milk is not been digested properly.

• Lots of people say not to drink milk and eat red meat or other meats at the same time. But have you notice, while cooking tom yum goon or other dishes you do add coconut milk with chicken, prawn etc. so you can understand that this is nothing but a pure myth.

To stay healthy you need to identify the right time to consume food and at what time of the day should you eat that food. Avoid myths and don’t let them take part in your life. Enjoy your life, keeping healthy foods in your food list.


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