Secrets for a happiest winter


In most countries of the world there are two seasons in a year but it can vary from countries to countries demanding on their geographical location on Earth. Winter lasts in some countries longer than summer stays in that country. No season comes suddenly. Every season shades into the next. So in the late autumn we get a foretaste of winter. However winter is marked by cold, rainlessness and cloudless sky. Besides in most countries this season can be identified by freezing cold temperature and falling snow and this is the season where nights are longer than days. There are palls of mist in the morning, in the afternoon and at night. A lot of dew falls at night. Nature looks calm as there is hardly any wind. Even in winter nature does not look dreary in most countries, because many crops and vegetables grow in this season. Most trees do not shade their leaves and many of them are in blossom in this season.

Most school closes during winter so students can enjoy the early winter morning under their blankets. In countries like Bangladesh winter is mostly enjoyed by adults.for a happy winter, when schools are closed, families go to their respective villages. Early in the morning adults like to take shower to feel refreshed or some wait till the sun shows up which was hiding behind the clouds. Then they all sit beside the fire and enjoy variety the of cakes. Cakes which are known as ‘pitha’ in local are greatly enjoyed during winter season. This is the most famous food in countries like Bangladesh. For a happy winter villages are the place to enjoy the most.

In countries like America where snow fall is common, children like to play with the snow that has been gathered in the field. They make snowman and out of it. The temperature is usually below 0 degree Celsius so people hardly come out of their homes. People clothe themselves in thick attires during winter to avert the cold and keep their bodies warm.
During winter, many sports activities are held to entertain all ranges of people. This is beneficial as people can exercise as well as they play along. The sports include ice skating, curling, ice racing, ice hockey, ice sculpture, ice climbing, ice fishing, ice boating and more. These are some examples of winter workouts rather than paying regular visit to gyms. Jogging early in the morning is the best kind of workout. It refreshes your mind and helps to start your day with a positive mind.

For a happy winter, it is better to socialise, go outside with your friends or relatives and enjoy this season to its fullest. Sitting at your place ideally or watching a movie alone and eating snacks do not at all sound like a happy winter. Planning for a short trip with friends and family members also can make you spend winter happily and will add to a heathy lifestyle.

Let your skin be exposed to the UBV to help your body produce vitamin D. briefly speaking getting sunlight to your skin is important to combat drowsiness as a result of chemicals like serotonin released by your body. So sunlight is a key to a happy winter.
Winter is advantages for poor people as well. As it is a season of fresh fruit and vegetables the prices of this foods decrease to a certain level and most people can afford to buy it. Beside food cooked does not easily go bad in this a dish can be eaten more than once.


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