Quick and simple skin tips for summer


After stepping outside of your home, you are more likely to be surrounded by a gust of dirt or your face covered by the pollution outside. What else can you do when you know pollution is a common thing which you cant avert? In this season, particularly, you must take great care of your skin, especially of your face. Or else you will get pimples or allergies due to this unavoidable pollution. Because people are too busy nowadays, they don’t get enough time to take care of their skin properly. For that very reason, to save time, people buy maquillage from the market.

But, something the people are not aware of is that the cosmetics they are buying from the market might not be suitable for them since everyone has the different type of skin. Sometimes, people do not understand what type of skin they have. As a result, they use the wrong product. That’s why beauty experts believe that you can make your own homemade facial packs and cleanser. Besides, they believe these homemade products are more avail. So those who are too busy with their work, they can make their packs whenever they are free and store it in their refrigerator. This homemade commodity can be used for a long time if it is stored in a cooler place. So let us see for which skin type we can use what type of products. Quick and simple skin tips for summer

Natural and normal skin

Wash your face simply with room temperature water after every one hour. Continue to do this, so that dust cannot accumulate over your face. Besides, you can make a paste which consists of cucumber, lemon, and flour. What you have to do is blend the cucumber and extract some juice out of it. Squeeze a whole lemon into a bowl then add the cucumber juice and one tablespoon one floor to make the face pack. You can later store it in the fridge. When you are leaving your place, rub the paste in a circular motion all over your face. Do this for about three minutes. Then just wash your face with water. You will feel that your face is supple and soft for quite a long time.Any dirt residue will also be removed for sure.

Oily skin

Blend neem (Azadirachta indica) leaves and then boil it with water.After boiling for few minutes, let this concoction cool down. You can wash your face with this water right after it cools down. Or else you can pour the mixture over an ice tray and make ice cubes of these leave. When you come home from outside, you can clean your face first. Then, at last, rub the ice cubes, you have prepared earlier, in a circular motion all over your face. You can also rub a cool tomato on your face or make ice cubes of tomato juice. But you will receive more benefit if you add few drops of honey with a limited quantity of tomato juice and with the help of a cotton ball, apply it all over your face. Let it dry for about ten minutes and then you can wash off your face with water. You can also make ice cubes of radish juice. That will also help you to clean your face completely and give you that beauty glow.

Dry skin

Crush some almonds or use almond powder. Nowadays almond powder is mostly available in retail stores. Add honey and make a paste. Later store the mixture in the fridge and use it after you come back home. This pack, especially, help you to keep your skin soft for a long period of time. Besides, you can use an egg’s yolk and flour to make a face mask. You need to keep this mask on your face for minimum five minutes. Then wash it off with cool water. You know in this season you need to use a toner to cut off the root of any growth of a pimple. So you can mix orange or lemon juice and use it as a toner. Or you can use carrot’s juice as a toner as well. Toner refreshes the skin giving a sensation of cooling effect and also it adds a layer of protection.

Mix skin

Make a mixture of egg’s white part, baking powder and corn flour. It is easy and quick to make and you can use this combination as a cleanser for amalgamation skin. Ladies often use sunscreen lotion or sunscreen crème to protect themselves from the harmful rays of the sun. They also use this to heal the burned skin parts, which have already being damaged by the sun. The beauty expert’s advice to use sunscreen powder instead of sunscreen lotion or sunscreen crème because more dirt can accumulate on your face for using sunscreen lotion or crème.

In this hot weather, skin care is a must thing. Everyone wants to look beautiful and young all the time. But due to the extra loaded pressure of work, they cannot take care of their skin properly. That is why in this article I have suggested some homemade products so that you don’t have to go to a market and waste your precious time looking for them. One thing is that, as you don’t know if the products might suit your skin or not, you might as well get rashes and allergies if you use the wrong product. But a homemade product never fails to give a negative result. It is very important to understand your skin type before using or apply any cosmetics. You can do a skin test by a dermatologist. They will perfectly state your skin type. To have that natural gorgeous look, reduce the use of makeup always and drink plenty of water. Eat lots of fruits to keep your skin well hydrated. In this weather, wash your face with face wash before going to bed and after waking up. And there you go, a natural, young looking princess.


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