Ways to stay sexy forever : Anti Aging Formula


It doesn’t matter what is your current age right now. But a woman’s endless desire is to look young, beautiful and of course sexy forever. Whenever a woman receives a compliment for her beauty, she becomes over excited and she seems to smile truly from her soul. Beauty is a strong passion for every woman. So here go some tips how to feel sexy forever.
Beauty products are worthless if you don’t take the step to take care of your own self. No matter how much makeup you put on your skin to make you look beautiful, but the fact remains that if you want to feel sexy going to parties with natural skin is the best. Yes, applying eyeliner and eyeshadow can make you look more alluring! Nothing is out there to solve your skin woes and problems. It is much better to do treatments for your skin in a natural way.

To feel sexy to must take good care of your skin. So here are some secrets you can try out:
A good amount of sleep is needed to have a healthy and resplendent looking skin. Sleep denial can cause stress and degenerate skin conditions you might already have. Try to sleep for at least 6-8 hours of sleep regularly. This will keep your mood lifted and you can, therefore, get happy and stay healthy all time.
Hydrating yourself is the most important task above all. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water. When you are exercising drink water instead of juices which contain preservatives. Make sure you drink at least one glass of fruit juice everyday which contains no preservatives and is home made. Proper hydration gets rid of the toxins which are a waste after metabolism.
To stay healthy, be more into fruits and vegetables rather than rice or other carbohydrate meals. Avoid fast foods because they contain so much oil that is not good for your intestines. If you’re more into fast foods you will notice your skin is aging soon and your face is covered up with acnes. Make sure you consume foods containing fiber so that you can go to the toilet every day and get rid of the wastes.
Avoid this obsession of touching your face with your hands. You are performing a lot of works with your hands and you have no idea how much bacteria or germs you are contacting with. Then when you use those hands on your skin, especially face, bacteria is transferred onto your skin. If you have to touch your face, make sure you use a new wet tissue or clean your hands first with an antiseptic. This is how you can get a clear skin and feel sexy.
Staying fit and healthy and also vibrant not only makes us look outwardly attractive and gorgeous to others but helps us feel desirable, sexy and confident as well.To stay healthy do not drink or smoke. Stop practicing this bad habits. Do not put on more weight or eat abnormally. Try to keep balance and keep a diet plan if you wish to stay sexy.

For married couples sex life is very important. Couples who have sex twice a week is seemed to show more love to one another. Besides sex life is also important to bring couples closer and increase their love and intimacy.To tell about sexual positions, having sex on special occasions like birthdays or anniversary can add more pleasure to both the partners. Spending time with your partner can make you happier. You can put extra effort to look exceptional to your special person to get some praises. Nothing can be better than the compliments from your spouse. A dynamic well cared body and a lively personality is the most powerful aphrodisiacs for both women and men.


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