What causes back pain?


Our back is a complex structure which is made up of muscles bones, joints, and nerves. That’s why sometimes it is difficult for us to identify the specific origin of the pain that has been initiated. Back pains aren’t a result of any disease but are the effect of injuries, strains or irritated nerve.These types of back pain can develop gradually and are triggered due to the activities or wrong posture in an office or at home. Probable causes of back pain include:

• bending awkwardly
• lifting, pushing or pulling, carrying heavy objects
• slouching in chairs
• twisting awkwardly
• overstretching
• driving in a hunched position without taking a break
• overusing the muscles
Sometimes the cause of back pain initiates for no apparent reason.

Causes of lower back pain

A back ligament strain or muscle strain causes acute lower back pain in most cases. Lifting a heavy object, a sudden movement or twisting can cause muscles or ligaments to stretch or develop microscopic tears. With a lower back strain, the severity of the ache ranges from mild discomfort to severe. Back pains can often heal on if the patient takes rest for quite a long time. Or the application of ice or medium level of heat, anti-inflammatory medications can cure back pains. Besides gentle stretching and lower back exercises helps to make the patient recover quickly and comfortably.

Who’s most at risk?

The causes of lower back pain are caused by patients who are involved in the following activities:
1. Being overweight (obesity) – the additional weight puts pressure on the spine.
2. Smoking – the tissue damage in the back caused by smoking causes back pain.
3. Being pregnant – the surplus weight of carrying a baby can place extra strain on the back
4. use of medication- using medication for a long period is known to weaken bones for example corticosteroids
5. being stressed- being depressed on personal life for a long period of time

The following topics are details of some of the main reasons that contribute to back pain:
Mechanical problems: A mechanical problem the way your spine moves. Or sometimes it is the way your spine moves and you can feel the pain.The most common mechanical cause of back pain is called intervertebral disc degeneration. In this case, the discs located between the vertebrae of the spine are breaking down as your age increases. As they deteriorate, they lose their cushioning ability. Another cause of back pain is the wearing down of the facet joints. These facet joints are the large joints that connect each vertebra to another. Other mechanical problems include spasms, ruptured discs and muscle tension. These mechanical problems are also called herniated discs.
Infections and tumors: infections can sometimes cause back pain when they involve the vertebrae. This condition is known as osteomyelitis.It can involve the discs that cushion the vertebrae to cause back pain. Tumors, too, are relatively rare causes of back pain.
Injuries:Sometimes when you fell down or get hit by an object strongly, you can feel pain in your bones sooner or later. If this condition remains untreated, the main can increase and be a cause of your back pains.
For back pains, not only physical factors, but emotional factors can also play a significant role and determine how long the back pain will last. Stress affects the body in many ways as the muscles become tense and painful. Untreated depression,stress, and anxiety can make back pain feel much worse. Likewise, insomnia can also contribute to back pain.


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